Tropical Delight

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Tropical Delight doesn't even begin to describe the experience of flavors you will have with this basket. We have taken two of the most sought after coffees in the world, Hawaii Kona Peaberry and Jamaican Blue Mountain, and accompanied them with four scrumptious handmade traditional Italian-style Joe’s Almond Biscotti made right in Joe’s kitchen, a 15-count box of Mighty Leaf Organic Japanese Green Tea, a 4oz Wicked Jack’s Tavern Butter Rum Cake and a 13oz ceramic mug. Try this delightful box today!


  • Hawaii Kona Peaberry 

  • Jamaican Blue Mountain Wallenford ® 

  • Joe’s Almond Biscotti

  • Mighty Leaf Organic Japanese Green Tea

  • Wicked Jack’s Tavern Butter Rum Cake

  • Ceramic Mug


About Our Products:


Hawaii Kona Peaberry Coffee

From the hillsides of the Mauna Loa mountains in Hawaii, Kona Coffee offers a luscious, full-bodied taste. The Hawaiian volcanic soil gives this coffee its characteristic richness and low acidity. With floral notes, this rare bean is of the highest grade and quality truly is the upper echelon of coffee. 

Peaberry coffee comes from the same plants as regular coffee beans where, typically, a coffee cherry contains two seeds. In special cases, a coffee cherry will produce only one seed, leading to the prized "peaberry" coffee bean. Peaberry beans are smaller and rounder. They are also denser and have a reputation for having a more intense flavor profile. About 5% of total coffee production is made up of peaberry, making this coffee very rare and exclusive.  

Roast Profile: Medium

Jamaica Blue Mountain - Wallenford®

Jamaica Blue Mountain is the most prized and sought after coffee in the world, for its refined taste, unusual sweetness, excellent body, and intense aroma. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee by Wallenford® is regarded by many to be the upper echelon of coffee in the world. These are the selections of the rarest coffee beans in the crop, with a powerful yet beautiful flavor of the Jamaica Blue Mountains that jumps right out of the cup. 

Roast Profile: Medium

Joe’s Almond Biscotti

Traditional Italian-style almond biscotti. Custom-crafted, twice-baked and packaged separately, these scrumptious cookies are made with love from a Joe’s family favorite recipe, right in Joe’s kitchen! The perfect pairing with your favorite cup of Joe’s, or just nibbling on their own!


Mighty Leaf Organic Japanese Green Tea

An organic dragonwell green tea from China (also known as Lung Ching), our Organic Green Dragon envelops the whole palate with a slightly sweet, very refreshing liquor. A classic wok-fired Chinese green tea, it has a delicate chestnut like flavor, captivating aroma, and a lovely yellow-green color. Hand-stitched pouches specially designed for the discerning tea drinker.

 Wicked Jack’s Tavern Butter Rum Cake

Rum lovers and cake lovers will both fall for the exquisite, rich, full taste of Wicked Jack’s Tavern True Jamaican Rum Cakes. Carefully crafted recipes derived from generations of Jamaican tradition has produced a rum cake so flavorful, so powerful, it’s quickly gained a reputation as the best tasting rum cake available anywhere. Moist, buttery texture and a rum soaked glaze add delicious detail that makes all other rum cakes walk the plank. You’ll be swept away with the sweet flavor of homemade caramel, soaked in the finest Jamaican rum. This ready to eat cake is vacuumed sealed in a reusable bakeware.


13 oz. Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Our ceramic mug  is designed in tin cup style, with a lovely speckled finish. Slightly flared top for easier drinking and less spills, the mug has a C-shaped handle for easy grip. Best of all, you can customize it with your Joe’s stickers!