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An incredible travel experience awaits you with our Southeast Asia Box. Packed with two exotic and delicious coffees, Indonesia Flores Komodo Dragon and Toraja Sulawesi White Eagle, you will experience flavor profiles that are distinct and reflective of the region where these coffees grow. A Certified organic coffee, our Indonesia Flores Komodo Dragon brings aromatic and earthy tones with a touch of tobacco. This coffee is bold yet well-balanced. Our Toraja Sulawesi White Eagle has a unique, smooth flavor, leaving a sweet taste in your mouth. Enjoy these two delicious coffees and take them on the road with your own travel mug.

  • Indonesian Flores Komodo Dragon

  • Toraja Sulawesi White Eagle

  • Travel Mug


About Our Products:

Indonesian Flores Komodo Dragon

This extremely rare coffee from the island of Flores, Indonesia offers an earthy, mouth-filling taste with pronounced aromatics of tobacco and exotic earth notes. With a big, bold body and low to medium acidity, this coffee balances beautifully in the cup. This Flores Komodo can be considered among the best cupping Indonesian coffees.

  • Certified Organic

Roast Profile: Medium 


Toraja Sulawesi White Eagle

Toraja Sulawesi Coffee "White Eagle" is grown on the oldest and original Toraja trees that date back more than 250 years. It offers a unique, smooth flavor, leaving a sweet taste in your mouth. It also has an amazingly balanced acidity. The coffee trees are shade grown in the untouched jungles of the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. The coffee is brought to market by a 4-day ride over mountains, from the remote farming areas. The "WHITE EAGLE" variety is the Crown Jewel of all Toraja Arabica coffees and is kept completely separate from all other coffees to ensure authenticity. Only 300 to 600 bags of this rare and truly amazing coffee can be produced each year.

  • Fair Trade Certified

  • Rainforest Alliance Certified

  • Shade Grown

Roast Profile: Medium


16 oz. Travel Mug

Our travel mug is a must have! Made of stainless steel and and a plastic inner wall, this mug will keep your coffee hot or cold depending on your taste. To ensure no spills, the travel mug includes a flip lid with silicone seal.