Joe’s Ultimate Wicked Relaxed Community Good Gift Tray

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Joe’s Ultimate Wicked Relaxed Community Good gift tray includes one 16oz. bag of Joe’s Community Roast coffee, a hand-crafted blend of Cameroon Boyo, aromatic and full-bodied, and Brazil Bracosta Estate, filled with a taste of sweetness and chocolate notes. We’ve paired this blend with four scrumptious handmade traditional Italian-style Joe’s Almond Biscotti made right in Joe’s kitchen, a 15-count box of Mighty Leaf Green Dragon Tea, and a 20oz Wicked Jack’s Tavern Butter Rum Cake. Displayed with love in an elegant black gift tray for a beautiful presentation. Roasted and shipped within hours of your order, this gift will not only warm your customers’ hearts with its delicious taste, but knowing your gift is doing good for the lives of many.


Ultimate Wicked Relaxed Community Good gift tray includes:

  • (1) 16oz Community Roast Coffee
  • (4) Joe’s Almond Biscotti
  • (1) 15 count box of Mighty Leaf Organic Green Dragon Tea
  • (1) 20oz Wicked Jack’s Tavern Butter Rum Cake
  • Roasted and shipped within hours of order
  • Sought-after Joe’s Coffee House stickers
  • Packaged in an elegant black gift tray for a beautiful presentation
  • $5.99 Flat-rate Shipping

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Community Roast Coffee

Community Roast is a blend of Cameroon BoyoTM and Brazil Bracosta Estate medium-dark roasted coffees that perfectly embody the idea of community. Sourced from local farmers from these regions, profits are re-invested into their own communities and, in the U.S., 100% of the profit from your purchase supports those in need through Good Dog Fund, a 501(c)3 fund managed by the Cobb Community Foundation.

Community Roast, not only do you get to explore two different regions of the world but you also get to impact the lives of those who need support, one cup of Joe’s at a time.


Joe’s Almond Biscotti

Traditional Italian-style almond biscotti. Custom-crafted, twice-baked and packaged separately, these scrumptious cookies are made with love from a Joe’s family favorite recipe, right in Joe’s kitchen! The perfect pairing with your favorite cup of Joe’s, or just nibbling on their own!


Mighty Leaf Organic Japanese Green Tea

An organic dragonwell green tea from China (also known as Lung Ching), our Organic Green Dragon envelops the whole palate with a slightly sweet, very refreshing liquor. A classic wok-fired Chinese green tea, it has a delicate chestnut like flavor, captivating aroma, and a lovely yellow-green color. Hand-stitched pouches specially designed for the discerning tea drinker.


Wicked Jack’s Tavern Butter Rum Cake

Rum lovers and cake lovers will both fall for the exquisite, rich, full taste of Wicked Jack’s Tavern True Jamaican Rum Cakes. Carefully crafted recipes derived from generations of Jamaican tradition has produced a rum cake so flavorful, so powerful, it’s quickly gained a reputation as the best tasting rum cake available anywhere. Moist, buttery texture and a rum soaked glaze add delicious detail that makes all other rum cakes walk the plank. You’ll be swept away with the sweet flavor of homemade caramel, soaked in the finest Jamaican rum. This ready to eat cake is vacuumed sealed in a re-useable bakeware.