African Sunrise

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Can you picture a picturesque and warm sunrise in the African savanna? If you need some inspiration, this is the coffee box for you. Joe created the African Sunrise box to delight you with smooth and flavorful coffees that truly represent the climate and soil conditions of the lands where they grow. Delight yourself with a cup of African Safari for a smooth and fruity cup, or Cameroon Boyo for an earthy and fruity cup. Included with this box is a 16oz. Travel mug so you can take the sunrise with you wherever you go.


  • African Safari

  • Cameroon Boyo 

  • Travel Mug


About Our Products:


African Safari

Our smooth, full-bodied blend of microlot African coffees are sure to take you on your own safari adventure from the very first sip. Get in on the action with our delicious blend of Cameroon, Kenya, and Tanzania coffees.

Roast Profile: Medium


Cameroon Boyo 

The striking characteristics of Cameroon BOYO™ Coffee are the direct results of the nutrient rich, dark volcanic topsoil and the ideal climatic conditions of the Boyo region. Cameroon Boyo is uniquely grown in the country's highlands creating a rich and full-bodied taste that keeps customers coming back for more as well as keeping attitude and focus sharp.

  • Certified Organic

Roast Profile: Medium


16 oz. Travel Mug

Our travel mug is a must have! Made of stainless steel and and a plastic inner wall, this mug will keep your coffee hot or cold depending on your taste. To ensure no spills, the travel mug includes a flip lid with silicone seal.