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World Traveler Box:

Joe wants to take you on a trip around the world without having to limit your stops. Instead of visiting one location with one bag of coffee, you can visit four different locations with the World Traveler Box! Travel to Indonesia, Cameroon, Nicaragua and Brazil with this fun box and enjoy the adventure!

The World Traveler Box includes (4) 8oz bags of the following coffees:

  • Toraja Sulawesi White Eagle

  • Cameroon Boyo Peaberry

  • Nicaragua Matagalpa

  • Brazil Bracosta 


About our coffees:


Toraja Sulawesi White Eagle

Toraja Sulawesi Coffee "White Eagle" is grown on the oldest and original Toraja trees that date back more than 250 years. It offers an unique, smooth flavor, leaving a sweet taste in your mouth. It also has an amazingly balanced acidity. The coffee trees are shade grown in the untouched jungles of the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. 

The coffee is brought to market by a 4-day ride over mountains, from the remote farming areas. The "WHITE EAGLE" variety is the Crown Jewel of all Toraja Arabica coffees and is kept completely separate from all other coffees to ensure authenticity. Only 300 to 600 bags of this rare and truly amazing coffee can be produced each year.

  • Fair Trade Certified

  • Rainforest Alliance Certified

  • Shade Grown

  • Origin: Indonesia

  • Tasting Notes: Smooth-bodied and earthy with a hint of berry and cocoa

  • Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Chocolate, Earthy, Smooth, Sweet

  • Roast Profile: Medium


Cameroon Boyo Peaberry

Cameroon Boyo Peaberry Coffee is grown with copious amounts of sunshine in Sub-Saharan Africa. We'll let you in on the secret to fine coffee: hand processing, which allows for a mellow, aromatic, rich, and full-bodied character. Only 5 percent of the coffee bean crop are Cameroon Peaberry coffee beans.


About Peaberry Coffee

Peaberry coffee comes from the same plants as regular coffee beans where, typically, a coffee cherry contains two seeds. In special cases, a coffee cherry will produce only one seed, leading to the prized "peaberry" coffee bean. Peaberry beans are smaller and rounder. They are also denser and have a reputation for having a more intense flavor profile. About 5% of total coffee production is made up of peaberry, making this coffee very rare and exclusive.  

  • Origin: Boyo Region, Cameroon

  • Tasting Notes: Full-bodied with rich, earthy flavors

  • Flavor Notes: Full-Bodied, Earthy, Chocolate, Toffee, Caramel, Stone Fruit

  • Roast Profile: Medium



Nicaragua Matagalpa

Nicaragua Matagalpa Coffee is considered to be a classic cup and single origin from the Selva Negra Coffee Estate. It is unique among Central American Coffees, being SHG grade (Strictly High Grown), which does not develop the pronounced and sharp acidity of other Centrals. The fertile, rich soil adds to the intense flavor of the coffee. The bean is considered large compared to other coffees.

  • Certified Organic

  • Rainforest Alliance Certified

  • Shade Grown

  • Origin: Selva Negra Coffee Estate, Nicaragua 

  • Tasting Notes: Medium-to-full-bodied with a balanced aroma of toasty sweetness and mild tanginess

  • Flavor Notes: Lemon, Plum, Chocolate, Honey, Sweet, Citrus, Apple, Caramel

  • Roast Profile: Medium 


Brazil Bracosta 

Coming from the Minas Gerais region, Brazilian coffee from the Bracosta Estate has an amazing sweetness, chocolate notes, balanced acidity and pleasant, clean taste. The Bracosta Estate is also a reserve area providing sanctuary for wildlife. 

  • Origin: Bracosta Estate, Minas Gerais Region, Brazil

  • Tasting Notes: Sweet and chocolatey with a balanced acidity and notes of caramel

  • Flavor Notes: Sweet, Caramel, Low Acidity, Chocolate

  • Roast Profile: Medium