Kenya Peaberry Coffee

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Kenya Peaberry Coffee offers a full-bodied, sharply acidic cup that has a winey flavor of black currants. Kenya Peaberry is amazingly complex and has fascinating fruit (berry, citrus) flavors. True to Kenyan coffees, this Peaberry has the distinct spice that is so well-known and loved. This is a special Micro-lot purchase, so that our growers give more time, attention, and love to developing your cup of coffee. Only 5 percent of the coffee bean crop are Kenya Peaberry coffee beans. 

Peaberry coffee comes from the same plants as regular coffee beans where, typically, a coffee cherry contains two seeds. In special cases, a coffee cherry will produce only one seed, leading to the prized "peaberry" coffee bean. Peaberry beans are smaller and rounder. They are also denser and have a reputation for having a more intense flavor profile. About 5% of total coffee production is made up of peaberry, making this coffee very rare and exclusive.  

  • Mirco-lot 

Origin: Nchengo Estate, Kenya

Tasting Notes: Winey, deep cherry, medium-bodied and a lingering finish

Flavor Notes: Bright, Sweet, Cherry, Winey

Roast Profile: Medium Roast

Elevation: 5,500 feet

Coffee Processing: Fully-Washed

Drying: Rotating Dryer