Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee – Moy Hall

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Jamaica Blue Mountain is the most prized and sought-after coffee in the world, for its refined taste, unusual sweetness, excellent body, and intense aroma. Hailing from the Moy Hall Estate Coffee Farm, this coffee is a premium, single estate product that will take you directly on a trip to Jamaica.

Located 3,000 feet above sea level, Moy Hall Estate produces a distinctive coffee that is rich in flavor, with floral notes and a chocolatey aftertaste.
This coffee is certified Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and is not mixed with coffee from any other locations. 
100% Certified Blue Mountain Coffee

Origin: Moy Hall Estate, Jamaica

Tasting Notes: Smooth, well-balanced with an excellent full body

Flavor Notes:  Buttery, Chocolate, Floral

Roast Profile: Medium Roast

Elevation: 3,000+ feet

Coffee Processing: Washed

Drying: Sun-dried