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A woman-owned farm in Copan, Honduras, Finca La Unica is truly a special coffee. The Finca La Unica farm is a fifty-acre farm home to many rare micro-lots. These special coffee beans are sourced from their farm as well as neighboring farms to ensure the highest quality beans. Formerly a cattle farm, Finca La Unica was purchased in 2016 by Leticia, a 5th generation coffee farmer, she is proud to be an example for women by owning her own land and taking ownership of a role typically reserved for men in Honduras. Leticia implemented big changes to the infrastructure of her new farm including the addition of sleeping quarters for 50 coffee pickers, bathrooms, and kitchens with clean water. 

This inspiring success story does not end there. In the fall of 2020, Hurricane Eta devastated Honduras, especially the coffee industry, destroying roads, bringing catastrophic flooding, and leaving thousands homeless. We are here to support Finca La Unica and Joe’s is proud to partner with this exceptional farm in roasting their delicious coffee.

Finca La Unica uses a special process of clean well water from 400 feet. The beans are then stored in parchment form until they are ready for export.

Origin: Finca La Unica, Copan, Honduras

Tasting Notes: Sweet berries and chocolate with floral notes and black tea

Flavor Notes: Chocolate Milkshake, Berries, Apricot, Citrus, Floral, Black Tea, Strawberry Preserve 

Roast Profile: Medium 

Elevation: 4,500+ feet

Coffee Processing: Natural with clean well water