Haitian Blue Coffee

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Haitian Blue Coffee available at Joe's while supplies last! The Haitian coffee is the same seedling as the treatured Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee - rich and sweet with dry citrus tones and a well balanced acidity. This rare and delicious roast has a low acidity and an astonishing balance. Grown in the Blue pine Forest in the Central Plateau region of Haiti, this area has roughly 680 farmers. 
This coffee is so special because of what it has done for its community by creating sustainable jobs in Haiti. This cooperative is paid roughly 300% higher wages than the Fair Trade minimum - not out of charity, but for having an exceptional product. 
  • Shade Grown
Origin: Central Plateau Region, Haiti
Tasting Notes: Creamy-bodied and buttery with notes of roasted almonds
Flavor Notes: Creamy, Roasted Almonds, Buttery, Sweet, Smooth
Roast Profile: Medium Roast
Elevation: 1,000 feet