Celebes Kalossi Coffee

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Coming to you from the the very old Toraja region coffee trees on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, the rare Sulawesi Coffee offers a full body and creamy texture. Celebes Kalossi coffee is know for its complex, earthy, and sweet taste. Its name stems from the old dutch name of the island, the Island of Celebes. Many of these trees are more than 250 years old and are dated from before the Dutch first arrived on this island. This Sulawesi Coffee is a lighter version of the Sumatra Mandheling Coffee, which is not as pungent or heavy. Limited supplies are are grown each year.

Origin: Masalle, South Sulawesi
Tasting Notes: Rich, bold, well-balanced acidity with a hint of herb and licorice
Flavor Notes: Rich, Bold, Herb and Licorice
Roast Profile: Medium Roast
Elevation: 4,300 feet