Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Dark SWP Decaf

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Sumatra Mandheling coffee is a rare Indonesian coffee that offers a delightfully smooth and rich, heavy body. This coffee has low acidity and an exotic flavor that lingers on the back of the palate and is accompanied by an earthy richness and intense, syrupy aftertaste. Chocolate notes are also common in the finish.
This coffee is the dark, decaffeinated version of Sumatra Mandheling coffee. The decaffeination process uses the Swiss Water Process. The Swiss Water Process is a 100% chemical free, taste-driven decaffeination process that delivers a Sumatra Mandheling Decaf coffee that is both 99.9% caffeine-free and full of the unique-origin flavor and characteristics.
• Fair Trade Certified
• Rainforest Alliance Certified
• Shade Grown
• Swiss Water Process
• Decaf & Regular

Origin: Lake Toba, North Sumatra
Tasting Notes: Well balanced, mildly acidic with hints of brown spice and a cocoa aroma
Flavor Notes: Clean, Dried Fruit, Brown Sugar, Wine, Sweet, Roasty
Roast Profile: Dark Roast, Decaf
Elevation: 3,000 feet
Coffee Processing: Semi-Washed
Drying: Sun-Dried